Multidisciplinary design office :
Reinforced concrete, Structures and structural steel,HHT,Telephony, computer networks, TV, Video Surveillance,Renewable energies,Electricity,Fire Safety.

S3E has a large number of highly complementary skills, giving it a good capacity adaptation in various fields such as civil engineering, electrical studies and industrial studies in mechanical and energy. S3E has the capacity to lead a project from conception to implementation through phases optimization.It offers powerful computing resources and software tools. S3E is a partner recognized state agencies or community, legal experts and masters of public works or private
S3E possède les capacités de conduire un projet de sa conception à l’exécution en passant .


S3E is a multidisciplinary engineering office specialized in building design. To do this, S3E has acquired skills tested and confirmed in all areas related to the design and construction of buildings according to the rules in force in respect of sustainable development. We bring expertise and know-how to meet the requirements of our customers.

Adresse : Rue Dr.Calmette Im Fayala - B15 - 16 Sousse 4000.
Tél : +216 73 202 335
GSM :+216 23402 862
FAX : +216 73 202 334
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Responsable : M. FAYALA Sofien - Ingénieur Conseil Agrée.